Certificate in Medical Laboratory Sciences


The Course of Certificate in Laboratory Science will comprise of the following subjects:-

Foundation courses

  1. Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Laboratory Instrumentation (Care and Preventive Maintenance)
  4. Laboratory Safety and First Aid
  5. Microscopy
  6. Specimens collection

Laboratory disciplines

Practical and theory will be in the following laboratory disciplines except Practical in Histopathology

  1. Hematology and blood group Serology
  2. Clinical Chemistry
  3. Histopathology and morbid anatomy
  4. Microbiology and immunology/serology
  5. Parasitology/ Medical entomology

Special Courses

In addition, candidates will also be required to pursue the following special courses:-

  1. Administration/Management
  2. Communication skills/Counseling
  3. Primary health care
  4. Fieldwork
  5. Laboratory ethics
  6. Quality Assurance in Health Care Delivery


Throughout the course, students will be required to rotate in the various clinical laboratory sections performing various diagnostic tests under supervision