Br. Cyril Njau OFMCAP

The Chaplain

God is one let us adore Him.

SFUCHAS welcomes students from all religious traditions. We seek to live out our faith in ways that better the world.

SFUCHAS fosters a supportive environment in which different religious perspectives are respected. Many of our students experience spiritual growth as an integral part of their campus life.

Regardless of one’s faith heritage, the Office of the Chaplain invites students to:

  • Visit with the staff to inquire about religious programs
  • Seek assistance with finding a place of worship in the area
  • Participate in local and international service opportunities

Spiritual life at SFUCHAS is focused on deepening faith, developing leaders, and learning from diversity.

The Office of the Chaplain coordinates campus spiritual life, and is here to help you develop as a spiritual person. While we honor our historic affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church, our campus is incredibly diverse in belief, and the Office of the Chaplain serves students from all backgrounds.

The role of the SFUCHAS Chaplaincy is to help deepen the spiritual and ethical life of the campus. We provide students, faculty, and staff with opportunities to explore the integral relationship between faith and learning, connecting the work of the mind with the heart and soul. We serve people of all faiths as well as those exploring spirituality in their lives.