Research is one of the core functions of the St. Francis University College. This function is based on the understanding that University has to generate, refine and advanced knowledge as well as use it to enhance teaching and provide solution to the development challenges, thus contributing to social well being.

The Directorate of Research and Publications (DRP) oversees research and publication activities across the University. Main activities of DRP include:

  1. Formulation and review of policy,regulations and procedures related to research and publications in line with the national development policies.
  2. Mobilization of research funds.
  3. Promote and coordinate research activities.
  4. Develop database of research projects, publications and journals at SFUCHAS
  5. Guide production of quality SFUCHAS official publications and their dissemination

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Research Policy
Research activities at SFUCHAS are guided by a Research Policy that was approved by the University Council on 29 April, 2008.
SFUCHAS Research Policy, Guidelines & Priorities can be downloaded SFUCHAS research policy