Equity and Justice

The SFUCHAS management through its operations will ensure equal opportunity and exercise social justice and nondiscrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, political affiliation, disability or any other form

Professional standard and moral norms

The college management, staff and students will uphold the highest professional standards, ethical practices, respect for persons and human dignity.

Academic Excellence

Academic excellence will be a corner stone in all teaching, learning and advancement of frontiers of knowledge as well as by delivery of quality and relevant public services to communities in the country, region and globally.

Academic Freedom

Academic freedom of expression, critical thought and inquiry through openness, transparency and tolerance will be upheld and emphasized.


The College will work towards enhancing creativity by students and staff by enhancing entrepreneurial skills and capacity to work independently.

The college staff and student shall enhance citizenry through abidance to the Tanzania constitution and the low of the land.